March 22

Discovering Abilities Webinar - Session 1

Since stories are foundational to learning, we will kick off this exciting series with voices from the workplace. Through these stories we will bust the myths about what work looks like for people with disabilities, and talk about what this series will offer as we move forward.

Jeff Arseneaux.
 Bambi Polotzola, Rikki David, Chanda Maguigan, Chaney Guidry, Laci Polotzola, Dajon Jones.

April 12 & 14

April 12

Developing the Inclusive Workplace - Session 2 & 3

Organizations with a diverse staff and an inclusive workplace culture are more successful and better equipped for hiring people with disabilities. DEI expert Germaine Townsend will discuss how to move beyond just checking boxes, and help us begin to create a work culture where everyone wins.

Jeff Arseneaux.
Germaine Townsend, Chanda Maguigan.

APRIL 26 & 28

session 4&5

Building a Good Recruitment Plan - Session 4 & 5

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear about how programs such as the Baton Rouge Community College PSE (Program for Successful Employment), Project SEARCH, and the company DOW are preparing employees, and leading the way for how companies should recruit and hire and retain people with disabilities.

Jeff Arseneaux.
 Raheef Alturkmani, Susie Rutkowski, Johnny Manela, Alec Reed

MAY 17 & 19

Accommodations for Successful Employment - Session 6 & 7

The tools needed to insure a successful transition to work for people with disabilities are many. You will leave with a toolkit of resources to help you in your journey to successful employment.

Jeff Arseneaux.
 Melissa Bayham, Yakima Black, Karen Barrett, Chaney Guidry, Rose Angelocci

JUNE 7 & 9

webinar june

Making It Stick – Benefits & Retention Plan - Session 8 & 9

LRS | Tax Incentives | Benefits Planning, ABLE accounts | Financial benefits, etc.
How do you retain employees once you hire them? This session will be led by subject matter experts sharing the resources available to help guide you through the process, and how to avoid the barriers along the way.

Host: Jeff Arseneaux.
 Brenda Bohrer, Ray Leget, Dr. Liz Fussel, Sharon Hennessey, Stuart Simon.

June 21

Webinar June 21

Where Do We Go From Here? - Session 10

Reflection | Action Steps | Resources I Networking Event
We’ll be also reflecting on what we learned during the series, participating in some networking opportunities, and creating action steps to move us forward on the journey of building a diverse workforce.

Susan “Sue” G. Killam has worked for over 25 years in the area of employment and disability policy. Ms. Killam is a tireless advocate for the civil rights of all people but specifically for individuals with disabilities. Ms. Killam began her career in Louisiana in 1990 as the Lead Trainer for the Supported Employment Systems Change Grant. Following that grant, Sue served as Director of AcME, Inc. (an employment agency initiated by six parents of individuals with disabilities) for 10 years. Ms. Killam has published several articles on supported employment and disability services and is one of the authors of APSE’s Ethical Guidelines. She has served on numerous governor-appointed councils and boards and is one of the founding members of the Louisiana SE Network (now LA APSE) and currently is appointed to the State as Model Employer (SAME) task force. Ms. Killam is currently focused on providing comprehensive career pathways to jobs in demand.

Host: Jeff Arseneaux
 Sue Killam.